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All Welcome - COVID-19 - A4 Colour Poster



New Zealand as we know it, is a strong and supportive country, yet we have seen events rolling out overseas causing community divide. 

We need to stand together to prevent the same thing happening here. 

Show your support by purchasing your poster today to display in your window. 

Purchase Includes;

A4 Posters 
• Colour PDF (Without sample only imprint)
• Black and White PDF (Without sample only imprint)
• Social Media Post and Facebook Cover (jpeg & pdf)

Just download the file and then print first or second page to A4 paper, then display in your shop/store windows. You can scale this up to fit an A3, A2, A1, or A0 as it is vector. 

We also have other alternatives available, please check out our other listings. 


Not affiliated with any COVID-19 related businesses. For more information or resources about COVID-19, please visit the website

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