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How To Ride The Wave of COVID-19

How To Stay Resilient In Times of Despair

Over the last few days, I have seen the hearts of the tourism and hospitality industries be weary of the virus. The financial implications of these industries are huge, it's affected our business with the markets been potentially canceled and projects being withdrawn, but I want to ensure you that this is just a speed bump. 

It is time to DIG DEEP and ride the wave.

Make sure that you keep your advertising still going - if not, do more in the online space! If you haven't got your website sorted out, now is the time.

Get your newsletters off about how your business will get through this period and inform your networks of your operating hours. 

If you have a project in mind - then contact us as we are here to support you!

Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash

Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash

Whilst running the local Cambridge facebook grapevine page among the other admins, every second post is about the COVID-19 virus, so I just wanted to touch on a few things on how to help your business to thrive through times of uncertainty.

Firstly, DON’T PANIC. We will get through this but LISTEN to the medical and government advisors. We are all trying to keep our community safe.

Secondly, as we know, this virus is very complex in terms of uncertainty for a number of businesses and industries, some feeling the pinch more than others, but how do we thrive in our business in times of dynamic changes?

Take this time to reassess

Use this time to regenerate and reconsider what’s working and what isn’t. Ask yourself and organisation what matters most to you aside from profit/income? 

Then speak of this in your marketing. What are your values and how do you add value to your community or customers?

We know that money pays the bills, but for now - if you are feeling very stressed take some much needed time to relax - go for walks, disconnect from the news/social media for just one hour, and do something that fills you up. I've just had to cancel my market season, and I've had a large contract worth thousands be withdrawn, but this isn't time for us to give up, it's time to DIG DEEP. It's time for us to FOCUS on the positives and WHAT IS possible. My favourite saying is "What you focus on expands".

If you are struggling - reach out to support networks such as Work and Income, IRD and industry organisations - it’s ok to ask for help - that is what they are there for. It’s not an embarrassment. It’s not shameful. It’s life. We all have highs and lows. This troublesome time will be your story for future generations to come. You can bounce out of this period and use it to grow as an individual and as a company. Use this period a serious time to reset.

​Risk Assessment

What is at stake? How can you mitigate that? 

What people do you have and how can you best support them? Do you need to be flexible in hours or rates and maybe reduce them vs instead of removing people or potential clients from your business.

They are most likely feeling the pinch too - although it’s not an immediate recession, we have to remember that we all have the potential within us and that we are all human, but we have to be sensible. Not fear-driven.

We all have livelihoods to protect, some families to feed. How can we work together to keep things semi-normal? Don't treat people as dispensable resources - we need to support the WELLness of our community. Communicate and be open to listening to different perspectives.

Our local businesses should be treated as the family of our community. 

​Actions, Last. Thinking first.

Join forces with your industry partners/leaders, build a community of support. Reach out to people, ask “how can my business - help your business?”.

Create collaborative projects from these powerful conversations. Maybe you could host a workshop together online, or write testimonials, or blog posts. Maybe go halves in advertising campaigns. It’s sensible to be collaborative. 


How can we stay connected to one another - social media is obviously a tool that will keep us connected throughout times of stress - yet if the internet was to ever crash, we would have to consider ways to do old school marketing. 

What can we learn from our previous generations?

Ask your networking groups for an introduction? Leaving business cards with a note in letterboxes or even sending vouchers to people that may need them. Give your residential neighbours your phone numbers - ask if they need help with deliveries/pickups. In this instance, it becomes “whom you know, not what you know”. 

This is an opportunity for you to really get to know people and expand your network. 

Overall - see this as a blessing and an opportunity.

We will all be here to tell the story just like through many other generations have. 

We’ve got this. You’ve got this. 

Kia Kaha ⭐️

Taryn Lyford (Taz)

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