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#1 - Simple SEO

Website SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) or in simple terms - the wording that is on your website that Google will read and help your customers to find you SHOULD BE related to your industry terms. Ensure that you have keywords, headings and articles that relevant to what people would search for in Google. 

For example, if you sell socks - if someone puts socks in google, they will mostly get 100's of pages about socks - so it will be SUPER tricky to get onto page one - but simple yet significant SEO will help you get there a teeny bit sooner.

Simple yet recognisable business name is vital too - Googling socks will as said before be a hard push on SEO but if your business is named something like "Stray Cat Socks" like one of our clients - no doubt about it - listings will be found a lot easier. 

Ensure you know your business in and out before embarking on an SEO journey - to get the best returns.

Ensure you know your business in and out before embarking on an SEO journey - to get the best returns.

#2 - Headers above the fold to be keyword orientated

Above the fold, means the area of the top of the first page on the website (if you did a full-screen screenshot for example, before scrolling). If you don't have keyword rich information or headings that are relevant to what people are searching for, your website will twindle down the queue to the bottom.


Good Heading:
H2: Get more sales with clever marketing (specifically searched for on google)
H1: Website lead generation, unique branding and content for your business

Bad Heading:
H2: Graphic Design (too broad)
H1: Logo, Marketing, Brochure (too broad)

#3 Keyword Eccentric

Use natural keywords throughout your content such as headings and body copy. (Tip: Always include your keyword or keyphrase in your headings)

NB: Don’t repeat your keyword over and over, Google doesn’t like it!

#4 - Buttons to have keywords

This is a small yet significant step - on your buttons throughout your website, use your keywords as the text/wording. 

Good Button Text: View Packages for Black Fox Marketing Services
Bad Button Text: Click Here

#5 - Regular Blog Updates

So a Blog, in the way that I like to describe it - is an online library of anything that is useful to yourself, your business and your customers. You can write articles, FAQ's, store company resources, reviews/testimonials and even have pages hidden of email templates - now this is handy for your own internal use. 

The key blessing in a Blog however is actually not necessarily the content but actually a way in which Google will actually register that your website is active. Especially if your website is for a service vs commerce / products. It will bump you up in the queue of listings for this reason. It shows them that you aren't a dying business.

#6 - Consistent Marketing

Obviously, a website will end up being an expensive brochure sitting in an empty space online UNLESS you actively promote it, or send traffic to it. Google Adwords advertising campaigns, Facebook and Instagram Campaigns can be made regular but also creating memorable taglines with your website is a great idea too. Think of a jingle like the radio adverts have.

#7 - Testing, Testing

Are all your links working on your website? Are all your buttons leading to the correct pages? Google will mark your name onto the naughty list if "404 error pages" are a major feature to your website.

There is a couple of ways to check this but ultimately it's quite manual work. We can setup custom URL's (alternative web addresses) for the error page, meaning it will redirect the viewers to another page. Which is rather handy...

#8 - Mobile Friendly

Is your website mobile friendly? 49% of users are now visiting websites on their smart phones and devices - if your website is mobile responsive - then you will gain more brownie points from Google. We work with Rocketspark websites for this very reason - they have developed it to be a default view, and are super innovative in the mobile responsive space. 

#9 - Get your website screened

Every website ultimately could be up for an audit from Google Bots - their team of people who go through a checklist of things that are required for a safe and user-friendly website AT ANY TIME. This is actually a little more technical in terms of the services that you can DIY.

They actually do it mostly as an indexing excersize to work out search engine relationships and the messages your website is encountering or submitting from your site map. 

There are manual ways in which you can submit your website to be reviewed, and a report to be sent back, which helps them list it higher in the ranking. You can even resubmit different URL's if you feel a report was off. Again, a little more complex than your standard DIY job - so we even call on experts for this side of things if Rocketspark cannot do it themselves. 

Read more about Google Bots and Crawling

#10 - Get your Google Analytics Account Setup

REALLY IMPORTANT: The minute your site is live you MUST set up a free Google Analytics account, and install it on your site. This helps you understand your site visitor behaviour, demographics and also what's of interest to them.

BONUS TIP - DNS, Security, Alt-Text, Alt Tags and HTTPS://

DNS, Security, Alt-Text, Alt Tags and HTTPS:// are all technical features that are changed in behind the scenes of a website - and rely on expert knowledge to get right. 

If your website still hasn't changed in the listing position, even if your business name is super specific or you have done all of the above suggestions, it's most likely to need more detailed assistance.

We of course can help you to the best of our knowledge amongst the team of developers we have on tap from Rocketspark and our specialist SEO team. 

Between us - we can work out a miracle. 

Again, thanks for reading!

If you found this helpful in anyway, or you have done something yourself to impact on your listing position in either a positive or negative way, then please leave a comment below - we'd love to hear the outcomes. 

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