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Are you stuck for ideas in what to post about on Facebook, Instagram and on your stories? We've got you sorted!

I quickly jotted down some ideas for you - save this for later and build a calendar of scheduled posts, and Bob's your uncle, you'll be away laughing.

Within each one, be mindful that the posts should align with your values, if you are Fun, Charismatic and Genuine be sure to write them that way, or if your values are Professional, Disciplined and Structured, then same applies. Remember your vibe attracts your tribe.

1. Share your WHY

2. Remind people who is behind your business

3. Share your small and big wins

4. Share a milestone, eg 500 likes, 50th customer

5. Turn a Birthday into a giveaway

6. Answer your common FAQ's across a couple of posts

7. Share where your office/workplace is today

8. Share the projects you may be working on

9. Share a before and after

10. Explain an industry term

11. A year in review post

12. Stories / Case Studies about your clients

13. Promote a review

14. Create 5 tips that your customers would find helpful

15. Giveaway in collaboration with partners of your business

16. Explain what you are aiming towards; eg business awards, world domination, community involvement

17. What community projects do you support?

18. Any charitable groups / fundraising do you support?

19. What's the best piece of advice you've ever received?

20. What's your favourite industry-related app/book/website?

21. Share an FAQ topic from your blog or website

22. What are the common misconceptions about your business?

23. Explain your services, don't assume they know what they are

24. Highlight reel on people - eg share story about workers, or businesses you love to work with

25. Ask your customers what they need help with or want to know

26. Post photos of you and adventures you have in the weekends, as the majority of the time it's friends and family who support your page

27. If you could have anything, what would it be and why?

28. What / who has helped you in your business?

29. Loyalty discounts or freebies

30. Repurpose some of your old posts. What had the best engagement?

BONUS: Share motivational quotes/sayings/photos that align to your values.
Just remember social media has always been built as a conversation tool, not for sales. It's all about the people behind the screens. Keep them connected and you will build the awareness of who you are, which will later pay off as you will be at the forefront of their minds for future work. A quick guideline for posting is; 2 posts of conversation tools, then the third remind them of your services or how they can purchase from you.

Go hard! Have fun with it! Sing out if you need any help!

Taz   ❤️️  Taryn Lyford  |  Lead Fox
T.  027 255 4884
Finalist of Services to Waipa - Waipa Business Awards - 2018



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