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Time to get out of your own damn way!

I used to come into the BNZ partners centre to get work done when my services were disconnected due to non-payment at home. A few years back it was mostly due to inconsistency in income that comes with being self employed and falling VERY behind on getting them going again because I was dedicating ALL my time and income into the markets, which I will tell you now - were not profitable. 

I know that it’s not what BNZ was for at all (I certainly didn't fit the criteria of multi-million churning business) but everytime I came up here - I felt like I was a part of something. It felt like “I can do this”. It was much bigger than me, and the energy there was contagious. 

So now that I’m in a substantially different and positive position financially, I now come up here to simply remind myself of how bloody far I’ve come.

How amazing you CAN be in times of despair.

Yet, if you like me, are on this journey of ups and downs and not too sure how to get out of a rut, then I hope you find my tips below very helpful. 




  1. Admit where you at. Sit down and work out financially what’s coming in and what’s going out.
  2. Call the people and tell them that you need to restructure your payments, or that you need to extend out the time you pay them.
  3. Offer yourself a warm hug and a pat on the back - you deserve it for acknowledging where you are at.
  4. Now decide, what it is priority in your life. Is it time with your kids? Is it financially out of debt? Is it being a leader in your community? What sacrifices are you willing to make, what are you not?
  5. What can you sell to pay off the smaller debts? What work can you do to increase your wages? What food trucks or businesses are looking for seasonal staff? Cancel the phone plans, get a prepaid phone. Buy basic things for a while.
  6. Work out how your customers find you or buy from you! Plan their journey into a map on a bit of paper of all the touch points.
  7. How much are you willing to spend to BUY your customer? Here’s the thing with advertising that most people have got wrong! If you have a service or product for example that costs $400 for the customer to buy, but it only costs you say $80 to make - you’ve got a shit load of wriggle room to spend on purchasing your next customer 😉 eg. spending $75 on Facebook ads might get you two more sales, so you’ve just earned $800 from spending $75. Genius I am - I know!
  8. Up skill in areas you are absolutely rubbish at. Before you head into this direction however - ask yourself, do I really need to buy another course online? Or can I YouTube it or borrow books online. Can you just put your credit card down for a minute and enjoy putting that money into your account or in some cases keeping it there?
  9. Ask for help. Take up a part time job or contract to someone to help get your finances under control but also your self belief! Imagine the relief that I experienced when I started noticing my business growing!!! And that I was becoming ALOT more self-suffecient.
  10. Lastly. Owning a business is a tough gig at times. We have a huge amount of pressure to create a business that essentially is created by other people - their wants and needs.
    I see you and I believe in you! You can and you will succeed!
    Normally when we are at the verge of a breakthrough is when we have our biggest Wobblies.

    I’ve found getting really clear on the life that I want to live, always, helps me to decide if what I'm currently doing will actually help me succeed in doing just that.  

    I think sometimes getting real about our self sabotaging behaviour can be excruciating and embarrassing but at the same time extremely valuable to our own growth. You can’t do what you do - unless you get paid for it, so why the hell should you continue if you don’t?

If you ever need some more ammunition for your business, then please don't hesitate to get in touch. Sometimes we have to invest in ourselves and outsource things that we are struggling to have the time for. Myself included. 

Taz   ❤️️  Taryn Lyford  |  Lead Fox
T.  027 255 4884
Finalist of Services to Waipa - Waipa Business Awards - 2018


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