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Case Study - Apero Carte Food Trailer - New Zealand

Evolving Transformation

I remember when I was getting ready for the Waipa Home of Champions - World Masters Friday Grand Finale event in Cambridge with Alfresco Bites and I had a random phone call from a bubbly Mel who had soooo many ideas and said: "Taz we need to catch up, I have an idea but not sure where to start".

It became clear that Mel was extremely visionary, and was telling beautiful stories of how she traveled through France with her family, which left a lasting impression of how the food is magnetic to a community so romantically inspired. She truly believed that something had to be done, and that she was going to start a food related business here in New Zealand.  Read the article

When we caught up we discussed how you can create a unique offering with a smaller menu size in markets, and that it's really beautiful to get to know your customers at ground level, without the massive overheads of a restaurant or brick and mortar store. This knowledge comes from us organising over 35+ markets and hosting over 150 different styled businesses in the last 4 years through Alfresco Bites and Bloom Collective. 

We reviewed what was possible, and a with a slight pivot on her vision, we knew that a food trailer was the way to go. She left so inspired by the possibilities that she later came back and had already confirmed a booking with CB Transporters (now Custom Manufacturing New Zealand) for a trailer design, uniquely setup with a platform that came down at the rear for a more intimate dining setup at private events. 

We developed the brand strategy around how the interaction with the trailer is meant to feel, in terms of the interaction with her customers, tickling all of their senses; sight, smell, sound, feel, taste and memory. We ensured the lasting impression was to feel welcoming, delicious, and decadent like chocolate. 

We developed and creatively directed:

+ A mini business plan
+ A mood board
+ A brand strategy (in terms of how we will make the brand "feel")
+ Logo Design
+ Food Trailer Branding
+ Food Packaging and Signage for Site
+ Uniform Creative Direction
+ Chocolate Spread Labels

As you can see there is quite a bit that goes into it, but ensuring your values are communicated through your business will attract the right people to it on first impression. 

We are so lucky to have so many incredible businesses to work with in our time, that are open to thinking outside the box in terms of the creative. 

No two businesses are the same, so they should be treated this way too. 



Here's what Mel has had to say about the experience with Black Fox Creative. 

"Black Fox Creative - Dream Maker! The designs exceeded my expectations and propelled my business.Very SatisfiedDefinitelyBlack Fox Creative is simply the best company.  Amazing branding specialists. Taz is an outstanding designer and brand specialist. 

It all started from stories told of travels, cooking for family & celebrations, Black Fox Creative, captured my business and propelled it into the marketplace. Black Fox Creative provided a professional framework, which helped to develop ideas and launch a successful product."


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