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Welcome to our New Recruit

Our very first design intern

Shennaye Cox has joined us for 120 hours as part of the Wintec Internship programme.

We are looking forward to showcasing all the processes in a design brief, right through to the output of the print and manufacture of the display.

What we could see straight away is that she enables out of the box thinking, which is highlighted through her portfolio.

Shennaye is in her third and final year of Bachelor of Media Arts, majoring in Graphic Design, and is excited by the opportunity.

I hope to highlight my experience through her, as I was an apprentice, we aim to have a hands on approach, and we look forward to having her as part of our team.

Welcome Shennaye!

I’m looking forward to learning about the process behind the business. What it takes to get to the completed project out to the client, not just creating the designs on the computer.

My skills will be always trying to find new or unique ways to interpret someones idea instead of following the norm also finding the most efficient and effective way of doing things.                                 

When I do have spare time it is usually spent on pinterest, or watching various videos on youtube.        

My biggest and proudest achievement will be coming out of my shell, as I used to be extremely shy and making myself go for things instead of just waiting for something to happen.                                    

I want people to remember me and how I made them feel. I want people to remember an experience, whether it be something that made their day, or having a positive experience or even how I made them feel, i love making people feel good or have good laughs or a good day.                            

Previously, I’ve worked in Mahons Amusements (arcade host), at an aquarium in Napier, on a family friends farm, in a Vet Clinic and now at Black Fox Creative as an Intern.   

I love learning new things, and how to create new things whether its hands on, on the computer or even watching tutorials. Also seeing the final projects come to life, printed or on a sign, packaging etc.

What I’m enjoying the most is that I get to experience the industry in person instead of just hearing about it from others.

- Shennaye Cox


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