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Title: How to get from where you are, to where you want to be...

The 25 Principles of Success by Jack Canfield

I recently visited the library whilst talking to one of my girlfriends over the phone - I know naughty right!

I went in to get a book specifically about daily affirmations, yet somehow ended up quietly chatting with her so much I wasn't really concentrating on where I was going.

I ended up in the entrepreneurial isle, and just casually pulling books out to awkwardly avoid someone from telling me "you aren't browsing books - get out". It was also around closing time, and I was having a good old chat, so didn't want to end it, and I knew that I wanted to get inspired by something, just anything. Waiting for something jump out of the shelf at just the right moment, you know...

Ha then I pulled this tatty old book out, and immediately I knew that it was well loved because it was faded, the corners of the edges of pages were turned, which of course made me consider it more closely. "How to Get from Where You Are to Where You want to Be" sounds like my kinda book!
Jack Canfield discloses personal stories of clients that have used the 25 Success Principles that he has shared, and although it seems a bit of blow your own trumpet digital marketing campaigns initially, over time I discovered that I was hooked. 

If you know me well enough, I NEVER read books, the only kind that I do are magazines or books that have areas that you can scribe out stuff, or journal as such. This book had me questioning my very being and my very core beliefs that I never read books front to back, ever!

The stand out components are pretty powerful, and I've even considered how to implement them into my own life already. "Faking it til I make it I am". 
I read this book front to back within a week - hence why I have to share my understanding and insights with you.

Obviously, the first main point is that if you don't work on these principles, then you will not even gain anything from reading this book. 
As the book quotes motivational Jim Rohn "You can't hire someone else to do your push-ups for you." It is so true! 
The principles that I have listed below are the ones that sing out to me and have stuck in my mind ever since. Of course, you will discover your own. 

Principle #1:  You must take 100% responsibility for your life
The heading suggests it really. You are accountable for your own actions, the words you speak or don't speak, the income you earn, the relationships you have, your health, your fitness, your well being - it's all up to you. You are yourself, no one else can be you. They have their own blueprint to follow. You cannot control the actions of others or their thoughts. 

Tip: If you keep doing what you've always done, then you will get what you've always got
This one has been around a fair bit but it stills rings true, it is a little confronting especially when you have so many habits that need changing to get a better successful habit, but one step at a time. I read something separately on social media "You can emulate or model a certain person, project or outcome, but the power is not to copy". You give your own power away when you do that. 

Tip: You Have to Give Up Complaining
Risks are natural components to complaints, as you often decipher what the risk of achieving something is greater than the activity itself, eg changing jobs could mean less money, or risking being unemployed, or leaving your business could risk the potential conflict of interest clauses. So you avoid making decisions. Instead of complain about what isn't happening or who is not filling your boots. I know that I need to work on this!

Simple questions are:

  • What am I doing that isn't working? 
  • What can I do to change it?

AND BOOM, just like that you have your answers, yet we talk ourselves out of committing to them so often. Your results don't lie.

Principle #2: Be Clear Why You're Here
I must've skipped pretty quickly over this section because reading back through it I've discovered parts that I really wanted to pursue again. 
Eg: Step 1: List two our your unique personality traits, such as Honesty and Enthusiastic. 

Step 2: Then list two ways you would enjoy expressing these qualities when interacting with others, such as to be authentic and inspire. (This activity is already reminding me of the recent workshop I attended that was guided with exercises from the book "Your Best Year Yet" with Tracey Oliver). 

Step 3: Assume the world is perfect, as you would imagine it to be, what does it look like to you, what does it feel like, what is happening, how is everyone interacting with each other? For me, it would be a fiesta, without the hangover! Celebrations, deep convos, dancing, drama, love, kindness, amazing food, and delicious sensual salsa! Either one is equally as important ;)

Step 4: Combine the three prior steps into a single statement. 
My purpose is to use my honesty and enthusiasm to be authentic and inspire others to live with joy as if life was a constant fiesta! 

Principle #3 - Decide what you want.
For me I am VERY visionary, in fact, my mother used to always say "when she decides in her mind that she wants something there is no stopping her" and I used to think this was a bad thing, as in it was selfish to decide that I wanted more. That someone would lose if I was to win in my own life. Well, now I see it as one of my strengths. 

Now I am helping other people get a little more educated about what they want in their lives and how to create a vision board for it. Cerries Mooney has some great tools for understanding your values, to ensure your goals and ideas will evolve even stronger. This is one activity that I recommend to every one of my clients that is a bit uncertain about who they are, as that is the first step of understanding what you want in your life.

Right, I'm rambling, but I honestly got so much out of this book. 

Here are the key golden nugget tools that I found useful;

#1 Create S.M.A.R.T. goals
I have had this drilled into me several times in my business studies, but I always forget one word that the abbreviation stands for haha

S - Specific
M - Measurable
A - Achievable
R - Relevant
T - Time Limited

Eg:  I will build 12 websites by 5 pm, 20th December 2018, and 10 logo designs by 5 pm, 30th September 2018. (Can you help me achieve this goal?) Then write your goal out specifically, so for example for me, I need to get clear on what logos I want to draw with what businesses, and the same with the websites, and target them specifically.  When you write it all down, your subconscious will know what to work on. It will know which opportunities to hone in on and help you reach your goal.

#2 Create goals that stretch you and allow you a breakthrough
For me, my goal is to have my business be far more intentional so that I can get off WINZ benefits and income completely, and have a cash surplus after every month. I can achieve this by helping businesses build their brands and websites. Another one would be to do a branding workshop - I've always wanted to speak on a world stage, and will end up speaking on a viral TEDx Talk one day!

#3 Purchase and create a goals book
As soon as I read this, I went seeking the perfect journal! This little baby is hot in my hands, and I know that with every page I turn, a new aspiration will fill it. I'm excited by the prospect. At the top of each page, I've written my goals, eg; I'd love to have a biography written about my business; to be an international speaker at "Live Your Purpose" event in 2020; another one is to own a Jeep Wrangler, white with black trim. So many pages! Things like I want to be an incredible mum, and what that looks like will also go in this book.

The next step is to review this book every morning, and before you go to sleep at night. Add to each page things you considered during the day. 

Then carry your most important goal for the year, month or week in your wallet. It will make you consider every purchase and if it aligns with your goal. If you can't see it in your wallet, get a new wallet that will show you it every time you open your wallet. Save it on your phone screensaver, add it to your fridge, put on your toilet door. Make it visible. 

"If you are bored with life, if you don't get up every morning with a burning desire to do things - you don't have enough goals" Lou Holtz

Write yourself a check, Jack recalls Jim Carrey's story of a young struggling Canadian comic trying to make his mark in LA. While enjoying the city view in his old Toyota he started dreaming of his future and wrote himself a $10 million check with a few musings writen on it. He carried it around in his wallet, and from when his successes of Ace Ventura and the likes started flowing into his life, he asked $20million per picture. 
The universe is an unlimited supply of abundance - you just have to clearly ask for what you want.

#4 Chunk it down
That is, break it down, each goal, work out steps that need to happen in order to break this goal into segments. Mind Mapping is an excellent tool, and will start off with the main circle, with your main goal written in the middle, eg; Disneyworld for My 30th in October, then create lines to outer circles from the main one, with your sub-goals, eg flights, accommodation, activities, and then next to those circles write out the goals/tasks for each subgoal, eg. Flights would be; confirm dates, book flights etc.
From there you can write out a daily to-do list, for example how I have implemented this because I can, is I have printed out a to-do list, written out my main goals, then activities I perform today that works towards that goal. Dependent on how fast I need to achieve the goals is how many activities I will need to write down.
If you don't know how to achieve a certain goal, then ask someone who has achieved it before. This is also why there has been an explosion in Facebook groups that help people with specific challenges, or goals. There is power in this. That's another conversation in its own right.

#5 Plan your day the night before
For me, I hate stumbling around finding kids clothes more than I do my own, so I have read even in Lisa O'Neil's book that she organizes everything the night before, so that you literally have to get dressed, eat breakfast, then get going for the day - and there is magic in that! I've tried it and it works wonders! Mr. Canfield here, suggests that you even plan out your entire to-do list the night before, and visualizing how you want your day to fell will dramatically improve your desired outcomes. Yes, we know that things don't always go to plan, but it does pay to be optimistic.

#6 Change your self-talk with affirmations

  1. Visualise
  2. Hear the sounds you would associate
  3. Feel the feelings of the desired outcome
  4. Describe what you are experiencing
  5. Review and Edit to fit all guidelines
  6. Read out loud, close your eyes and visualize. For me, I'm turning on Disneyworld music every day and experiencing the excitement of being there in my mind. 
  7. Print your affirmations out
  8. Hang pictures up like I have with my vision board
  9. Repeat your affirmations - in first person - "I am"
  10. Believe that they work, and your dreams are coming true.

I know it is easy for me to say, as I dream up branding for clients daily, and often intuitively discover the details as they clairvoyantly appear (my inner magic), yet it's no different to planning a wedding - you imagine every detail, including how it will make you feel. So if you have had a birthday, or experienced a wedding for yourself, especially planning one, it is no different to planning what you will do in the weekend - you just have to decide you want it, then make it happen.

Principle #4 - PHEW!  - Starting Acting as If! Fake it til you make it! 

The saying is true, you really cannot sell millions if you don't act as if you deserve it yourself. If you dress as though you are going to a peace offering, then in a corporate workplace do you think your vibe will attract your tribe? Nope, didn't think so. Dress as the empress, and you will attract the same, stand tall, shoulders back, own it. 

The biggest transformations that I've experienced is by someone that goes "enough of this crap", and gets on with it. Normally this is with fitness aspects. Someone wanting to dramatically change their life because of a health scare. It's always often led by a life-changing experience. 

I always refer back to Oprah Winfrey's saying "The universe will throw a brick in your face because you ignored the slap, and you got the slap because you chose to not listen to the whispers" which would you prefer?

You have to put one foot in front of the other as if you are already living life as you deserve, as you dreamed and behave accordingly.

Feel the fear, and do it anyway!

Principle #5 - Never, ever give up
Put it all on the line, go through the challenge, around it or over it, just never ever give up, especially not because someone tells you no.
You have to do you, and not every single person in this universe has the same understanding as you. When you find them, embrace them and never give up on them. Surround yourself with people that raise the bar of your vision, who lift you up, who get on board your steam train, and add more coal!

As you can tell I got a lot out of this book, so if you can borrow one from the Library, I recommend it!

Otherwise it can be purchased from all participating book stores, or Book Depository


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