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New Cub: Gemma Parsons

Welcome to our new events and marketing assistant

Welcome to our newest watermelon enthusiast and member to the team Gemma Parsons!

She comes with a wealth of knowledge, with plant based nutrition, what works well events and is all over having a holistic approach to life! She also has two young babes just like me and we went to SPACE together in Morrinsville. 

She will be jumping in on a casual basis every Thursday, and the friendly face at almost every event as our event assistant! We are aiming to make this position permanent and increase to full time with time.

Glad to have you on board! It’s been a hoot already!

21 Question Time

What are you mostly looking forward to?
I am most excited about learning about all the little behind the scenes jobs that go on to make an event happen. I'm excited to see all the planning and hard work come to life!

What fills your time out?
My favourite thing to do in my spare time is to either refresh my brain and soul by going on a beautiful, but thrill-seeking Hike. There is something about being surrounded by nature that makes me tick. I also love to go horse riding with friends. Being on the back of a horse, flying over jumps or through a forest gives such a sense of freedom.

What's your proudest achievement?
My biggest and Proudest Achievement would have to be going through a healing journey, with both my children in order to heal their guts and combat the severe eczema that they suffered. I have managed to figure out what works best for both the kids and I in terms of nutrition. We now live a mostly plant based lifestyle and absolutely love it.

What work experience do you have?
I have worked at a horse riding school in the stables and I also got the chance to teach the kids how to ride also. I then worked as a Brand Ambassador for Product Placement while I was studying. Before becoming a Retail assistant/Manager for FactorieNZ.

What do you want people to remember?
I want to be remembered as someone who shines bright and follows what they truly believe in. Someone who has a kind soul and brings laughter to to the peoples lives around.

What do you enjoy the most in work?
The Idea of bringing people together at an event, with delicious food that is created with love and beautifully handcrafted products fills me with so much happiness. I think that events allow us to realise that we are a part of something much bigger than ourselves. I'm also excited to be apart of the planning processes and seeing the end result. Oh annnnd I want to add that I look forward to getting the chance to work with and learn from your inspirational self! (Speaking about Taz)

What skills do you think are your superpowers?
Bare with me on the Superpower question sorry! I'm kind of currently mind mapping to discover my superpower's - Cause my mind is TOTALLY BLANK for that one!


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