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March 2018 Newsletter

How are we at March already?

It's been a crazy, fast-paced few months, and I am already wondering where the first two months of 2018 has gone!

If you follow me on snapchat or instagram you will have been watching my stories, you will know all about the adventures I've had, and there are some definite highlights that I am happy to share. 

I've had a fair bit of feedback from these my newsletters (subscribe here), and my videos to say that you love them - that they inspire you, which is AWESOME. Yet I know that I can get a little carried away with writing my emails, and they can get a bit lengthy, so I have changed the format so that you can select what you would like to read about in a blog post, such as this one.

What's happening in March?

In recent news we've decided to combine the Bloom Collective market that was due to be on 25th Feb, into Sunday 25th March event, due to a number of contributing factors, but mostly stall holder availability.

Calendar of Events:

  • 10th of March - 10am-10pm, Relay for Life, at Cambridge Raceway, we will be providing 3-4 Alfresco Bites food vendors for this moving event. You can find Mizzoni Woodfired Pizza, Sawadee Thai, The Smoke Collective, and the cute little Atticus Lemonade stand.
  • 25th March, 9am-2pm, Leamington Domain, we will be hosting Bloom Collective, You can expect outdoor yoga at 11am, self acupressure class at 12.30pm, crystals, reiki, all artisan crafted healing goodies, as well as our beautiful original market offering artisan wares, delicious street food from Alfresco Bites, live music, Cambridge Model Engineering Society Inc. miniature trains, playgrounds for the kids and a magical family atmosphere!
    Join in supporting our small businesses. Make the most of walking/biking, and bring a picnic blanket and celebrate your friends and family. SEEKING STALL HOLDERS - APPLY NOW
  • 30th March, Good Friday - Outdoor Cinema Night - if you are interested to be a main sponsor for this event please contact us immediately. This event will only happen with the assistance of sponsors.

We will have two websites live in March, the first ones for 2018, which is so exciting!

Video superpower marketing tool

Video is a super powerful tool to use to build rapport with customers today, and although you don't have to put your mug in front of the camera all the time, there is definitely power in vulnerability. 

People will choose to empathize with you, and often become cheerleaders in your team. The power, however, is that they choose to share their pains, gains, and successes in return, which enables your business to help them further. This is where the beauty of collaboration comes into play. If you are not documenting your business in any way, you are really missing all the superpower action of social media. 

I always say, and remind people, that Facebook was created to enable human connections "conversations". To enable people to share their moments of joy, sadness and yes, some do overshare their intimate details, but the ones that do it to inspire others, they are winners in my books. It takes a lot of courage to share where you are in the world, with the world, but at an emotional level, that is pretty champagne worthy, even more so if it done with video.

If you want some tips and tricks about how to create an awesome video, flick me an email now!

Goal Calibration Tip

This is an excersize that you can perform in your business, and your family, and often we do with the kids over dinner. It builds a team of encouragers, and is quite good for trust building if you have a break-down in communication. It also helps to decipher common goals and attributes.

My list below is a little extensive, but the three questions are:

  1. Whats two-three good things that happened today?
  2. What's one thing that didn't go plan? How did it make you feel?
  3. What did you learn today? Or what do you want to feel tomorrow?

Give them a whirl - Emma our eldest loves using them, and in fact now encourages us to start the conversation. It does take a little practise to get deeper than "I ate my lunch, or I got to have a longer lunch break" but you will catch my drift. 


  • Employing two casual staff members
  • Running out of gas, pretty much only 100m down the road from St Kilda Cafe, and amazing humans coming to the rescue
  • Walking with the kids into town
  • Hosting events at Cambridge Raceway, including Christmas Eve celebrations
  • My car being signwritten by Burgeon Signs - thanks Ollie!
  • Growing an incredible vegetable garden, I'm a mint murderer so equally impressed
  • Surviving the beach on my own with two very active toddlers running separate directions
  • Completing Ben Warrens Programme
  • Starting Zumba
  • Being able to participate in the gym, as my knee is sooo much better!!
  • Milk and Cookie Bus being able to return for a second year, as I got them here the first year - with my council contacts ;)
  • The good folk at Wraptrade sponsoring us some signs
  • Return clients
  • New clients in Australia
  • Getting recentered on my goals, and vision for my business


  • Deciding to move into my own house, with the two kids, and live on a limited WINZ income
  • Running out of gas, and being late to a meeting because of it
  • Shifting event seasons, and dates, postponements
  • The weatherman saying one thing and doing the other (haha this is the hardest challenge of my job)
  • Emotional challenges with all of the above


  • 12 Websites (2 down, 10 to go)
  • 12 Logo Designs
  • 4 Food Truck Brandings
  • Employ Part Time Graphic Designer
  • Get off the WINZ benefits all together, and pay myself a wage
  • Go to Disneyworld in October for my 30th
  • Replace my stationwagon for an later model Mazda Atenza
  • Read one inspirational book a month
  • Go completely DF and GF (I've been naughty)
  • Spend more time with the kids doing fun things together
My Vision Board is Evolving
My Vision Board is Evolving

Duke Street Lease Building Opportunity
Duke Street Lease Building Opportunity

Lease Update

Do you remember me talking about this building that I was going to secure? 

It was the little beauty on Duke Street, that is across from the fire station.

The multistory building had a unique history to it, with the original part being over 100 years old, an old garage in fact, with the new architects building the top two levels on top of it in 1994.

It was such a humbling experience. There was many NO's to others before a big fat YES for me, as Russell was so impressed that I had taken the time to share my vision with him. He often said that I reminded him of himself when I was his age, and that I would go very far indeed with that sort of drive, which I will always be humbled by.

Unfortunately, he has had quite a journey with his health, as well as the changes with my family, so we had to put the conversations on hold. He has since passed away with Julie continuing his legacy by managing the hair salon downstairs. I hope that you are resting easy Russell, I really do thank you for igniting my spark that little more, and I will always have your memory to hold onto.

PLEASE NOTE: The upmost respect is required for Russell and his family at this time, please do not contact them about leasing this building as they are working through their loss. 

Our Newest Member of Black Fox Creative

Say Hi To Our Watermelon Enthusiast - Gemma Parsons! 


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