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Are you considering a rebrand?

What do you actually need to get started?

Too often procrastination can prevent you from starting your project, what if I get it wrong, what if I don't have the best tools for the job? What if I fail, what if no-one likes my ideas, my business or me?

I too have have considered these thoughts, and it can be overwhelming, so much so that you back yourself out of starting. My design work is incredibly useful, beautiful and functional for brands big and small, but what I often wonder is, will it be accepted?

That hasn't held me back in starting my business, in fact, it has empowered me to go for it. You should too. 

If you need a brand, then you have already been considering how you can better the outcome of your vision; which is the fundamental first step. There's a favourite saying "Quality never ages". It is absolutely dead on the money. 

Too often I have had to rebrand a business because they've had a brand setup that doesn't align with their business AT ALL. When they considered how they got down this path, almost 90% of them say "I needed to get started, and I needed it to be cheap". Understandably so, because having a business can be an expensive venture initially. 

Why would you want to fork out thousands of dollars on a logo, branding etc, when you can get it for around $99-$150 from FIVVER or even create one yourself in CANVA for FREE? There are powerful resources available for anyone to start a business and especially when it comes to branding. 

More and more service orientated business are able to access these platforms to grow their business, but how do you know what is the best way forward for your business, and how to avoid getting into the same trap, of having to rebrand in a years time, vs the normal longevity of every 4 years?


  1. You need to research your designer, ask for references, ask for a portfolio, ask yourself what is my ultimate goal for my business, and do they achieve this for other businesses? 
  2. Ensure that they ask you about your business, and believe in it!
    The questions should involve "Why did you start, what are you selling or providing, how do you intend to communicate it, where will your brand be seen or represented, what associations do you have with other businesses, do you have any partners or collaborations, what is your growth goals, what is your implementation strategy, and who are your competitors? The biggest one; why you over any other business in the same industry."
  3. Ensure that you have an incredible brief, one that answers all of the above, so that you can provide this information instantly if you are asked for it. DOWNLOAD OUR LOGO PLANNER
  4. Believe in your designer, they have your back, and the best intentions. In the process you will need to trust them to bring about change for your business. They will understand different aspects to the branding process than you, and sometimes they can see the big picture.

    Having an outsider's perspective can be an incredibly powerful tool in a business. It will allow you to gain momentum in ways you hadn't considered previously.

    You will also need to reinvest in them again, and again, to keep your brand cohesive.

    Too many times I have seen a designer build an incredible brand, that has researched the heck out of this particular business, for a signwriter to quote them a sign, that includes the design. You will be basically putting all your hard work to waste, because they have no idea about the design atheistic, or vision that you have worked on with your designer.

    So please ensure you back your designer, and communicate your intentions EVERY TIME. Sometimes they are happy to be a secondary proofer for you, just to ensure you are getting the best representation for your brand.


    If you are in the market for a logo design, then we have a great special for you. 

    • 120min 1:1 Strategy Session
    • Research and Development
    • Email Questionnaire
    • Branding Mood Board, indicating the brand vibe
    • Logo Design
    • Final Style Guide outlining fonts, colours and consistent design elements
    • Your choice of two item designs;
    Business Card, Facebook Page Image, Mailchimp Design, or email signature

    We are offering our basic logo design package which normally is $2,000+gst for $1,250.00+gst, that is an incredibly $750 saving, and perfect for your new year venture!

    It includes all of the branding research we have discussed today, that is vitally important to get a brand that is personalised, authentic and professionally crafted for your business. 

    Trust me, I know how powerful this is! I have worked with RowingNZ, Waikato River Trails, Bayleys Real Estate, The Waipa Business Awards, Foot Mechanics on some very customer experience orientated branding, and the results are exceptional. Quality never ages!

    See what other packages we have available here.


    What can you add your logo and branding to?

    • Signage, including external and internal (we can design mockups of both)
    • Vehicles
    • Website
    • Stationery, and merchandise
    • Uniforms
    • Social Media
    • Packaging
    • Brochures
    • Newsletters
    • Job Books / Invoice Books
    • E-Books

    So what has your experience been so far with a designer, comment below;

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