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Build a Website in a Day

A Website Building Workshop

Can you not quite afford to get a website professionally designed for you, but know that you NEED one, especially promptly, because no-one will find your business and generate leads if you don't have an online presence?

You know that your business is successful, or has the potential to be, and even if you have had getting a website on the agenda, you just don't have the time to do it, and the budget to spend up large. 

If you already have an artisan business, with a plan, even if it is in your head (which is better than nothing in some instances), we are offering an opportunity for you to build your own website, with all of the tools, the supported guidance with expert designers, and website developers in a fun, light, and bright FULL day workshop.

We know how challenging it is to sometimes to invest your pennies wisely and the feeling of what comes first; the chicken or the egg. We also know first hand how tricky it is to actually design a website for yourself, so we believe this workshop provides a perfect opportunity for you to get your website finally organised, and out in the world.

What does it include?

  • Lunch (Bagels, Donuts and Coffee)
  • 47 Point Home Page Checklist - 'How to get your website found'
  • Content Templates - How to create a kick-ass website, with kick-ass copy
  • Simple SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Strategies
  • A Day with a super awesome lady, who knows how to make the most out of opportunities - of course we are talking about Taz!

What's the goss?

For the very first time, we're looking to host a 'Build Your Own Website: 1-Day Workshop' in October for only $197 including GST. 

The workshop will run from 9.30am - 4.00pm and by the end of the day, you will have created your very own fully responsive, beautiful, live website! All for only $197! There will also be Coffee, Donuts and Bagels - sounds like a good plan!

That's incredible value that we are excited to be able to offer to you!

Featured Add-On's

  • Photography Workshop; GREAT FOR WEBSITE PHOTOS
    With an opportunity to participate in a small group of soloprenaurs, capturing images for your website in a range of alternative poses, and scenarios. For example; imitating a client meeting, professional head shots, and a range of standing, and seated poses. This will be limited to 6 people, so please indicate that you would like this option.
    When: October
    Where: Cambridge
    Cost: $199 +gst per person

  • Design Workshop; Design Some Website Graphics Using Canva
    With an opportunity to explore Canva for all it's goodness, a tool built with all the design features you could imagine, with fonts, graphics, images and templates, it is now easier more than ever to create your own branding for your website. Of course this is a simple way for small businesses to keep your costs to a minimum, and allow you to learn all about how easy it is to use it to your advantage. Black Fox Creative sometimes even uses the templates, so we are not going to lie about how powerful Canva really is.
    When: October
    Where: Cambridge
    Cost: $197 +gst

  • VISION WORKSHOP: Bring your idea to life
    Do you have a little idea, a little whisper in your ears, a business idea, a life idea, and can't seem to ignore it any longer? Maybe the idea is starting to get too big to ignore? Jump into an inspirational discovery workshop, equipping you with the tools you can use to bring your idea to life. Design tools, vision boards, networking opportunities, business courses, and the expertise from someone who has been here before, many times before. It is a fun filled, jam packed day. We also have our accountant Rachel of AccountantsNZ who will come along and equip you with the knowledge about your accounting responsibilities, and how to ensure you get your business idea to a great start. She will work through how to file your documentation, and how we can use the cloud to really reduce the impact to our environment. This is a great stepping stone if you are also intending on entering any Business Awards.
    When: October
    Where: Cambridge
    Cost: $197 +gst

How do I join in?

APPLY NOW to register your interest, and we will email you with all the confirmed details!

Happy to help.
Taryn (Taz) Lyford
Graphic Designer, and Director
Expect a Difference! - Black Fox Creative

Please email us if you have any questions or call 0276356156


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