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Celebration Events

Thoughtfully planned and sentimental, fun-loving events, that capture the hearts of your guests.


Life is worth celebrating, especially, as we know it can be so darn short!

Why not have a charming, sweet, and fun alternative event, personalised specific to you or your guests. Wether it be a intimate fiesta, creative wedding, corporate garden parties or fundraisers, sentimental anniversaries, dinner parties, surprise parties, product launches, inspirational events or workshops, or a damn good birthday bash! Anything that really makes us feel like we belong and are celebrated is a great idea in our books!

Style, atmosphere, and celebrations that nourish one's mind with beautiful memories, creating soulful experiences, that leave a lasting impression, especially on the belly - with delicious food of course, is where Black Fox Creative really makes a difference.

We have the facilities to create the invitations, and branding for an event space. We have all of the incredible artisan resources (such as food trucks, unique venues, and decorative items), networks and banter to pull it all together, without you pulling your hair out trying to sort the details yourself. You ain't got time for that, nor the hair replacement costs! 

We have a fantastic team behind us, and really can dive into any idea you have and magically make it come together seamlessly for you.

We work with caterers, even artisan food trucks, unique venues (even if they are your own), photographers, florists, designers, musicians, entertainment, hire equipment, staging, decorations and many more elements personalised to you. We project manage the event for you, so that you can enjoy the activities that you would rather be doing.

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If you have an event idea in mind, wether it be small or large, please touch base with us immediately, as we are taking bookings for the 2017 / 2018 Summer Season.

Why Black Fox?

Black Fox Creative is a pretty talented bunch. Taz our head honcho, has crafted numourous events throughout her life, and really knows the value of being celebrated, can often be a nice compliment. 

She has single handedly organised two markets in Cambridge. Alfresco Bites, an artisan food truck market, which is weekly on Friday evenings through Summer, and Bloom Collective, an artisan makers market, which is hosting through Summer, also on a one-off event fundraising event capacity, or once a month for this 2017 season. 

The Twilight Christmas Market is hosted annually, in November, and is a highlight to anyones calendar that wants to purchase items from quality makers, who are aiming to support their families.

She is also the eldest of four children, and is the go to organiser for her family, as she asks all the right questions, and not afraid of pulling in the big guns to make an event memorable, decorative, and sentimental to the guests. She also has three children between her and her husband.

Her wedding in 2010, was an absolute hoot, and no matter how much detail was required, she managed to organise it solely, with such a fantastic result, she has been wanting to do it all over again.


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