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Who is Taryn Lyford?

So who knows this babe behind @blackfoxnz @alfrescobites and @bloomcltvnz
if you don’t, it’s Taz!

Taryn Lyford (Taz) knows a thing or two about business, as over the 10years in her trade she’s helped establish around 8,000 brands with their own unique branding into their marketplace, and she’s not even 30. She’s made events for around 28,000 people in her local Cambridge community to call home and she’s not stopping yet!

She’s a recent finalist for Services to Waipa @waipabusinessawards, single mumtreprenuer to Olivia (3) and Brody (2), came away with Runner-Up Apprentice of the Year in 2010 for Digital Design, and has a driving force behind her of developing the strategy behind a business. “Laying all the essential foundations will ensure longevity and profitability”.

She’s a huge advocate for building a strong community, one that makes you feel safe, valued, welcomed and a little bit fun. She somehow manages to wrap the two experiences together from the events and design background for her clients. 

She’ll shake you of your own core beliefs, dust you off and help you stand out in a crowded industry, for being uniquely you. Deep thinking is her speciality, and making sure your clients LOVE you is the ultimate goal!

Growing up in Tauranga, yet moved to the Waikato area in her late 20’s, she’s already had 4 different businesses and is about to embark on another, so I’d say that this lass is one to watch when it comes to making a mark on the international stage. 
She has a voice, and she’s not stopping at sharing it!

Her parents always taught her to chase her dreams and she’s doing just that. 
If you can get in on that action it will be one hell of a ride! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 @unomagnz@nzstuff @seedwaikato @creativewaikato

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Taryn (Taz) Lyford
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