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WE LOVE PRINT - New Partnership

You can now find us nestled comfortably inside Printech, Cambridge.  We have joined forces with Debbie Gibbs and her exceptional printing team, to provide you more options to grow your Small-Medium Businesses, with offset (quality and unique) and digital  (affordable and efficient) printing services. OUR NEW LOCATIONPrintech, 12 Carters Crescent, Cambridge, Monday-Friday, 10am-4pm. ...

April 3, 2019

Bloom Collective

What are your plans on Sunday?  Bloom Collective is a regular monthly market at Leamington Domain (2nd Sunday of the Month), with live music from talented musicians, gourmet food trucks and exceptional makers selling their wares. DATES:9am-2pm10 MARCH14 APRILLOCATION:Leamington Domain, Cambridge, STALL FEES:Unpowered 3x3m Makers Site $45Food Vendor - $70 (Food Vendors Must Provide Their Own Power) APPLY HERE:Have a read of the information pack and familiarise yourself wi...

March 5, 2019

Case Study - Apero Carte Food Trailer - New Zealand

I remember when I was getting ready for the Waipa Home of Champions - World Masters Friday Grand Finale event in Cambridge with Alfresco Bites and I had a random phone call from a bubbly Mel who had soooo many ideas and said: "Taz we need to catch up, I have an idea but not sure where to start". It became clear that Mel was extremely visionary, and was telling beautiful stories of how she traveled through France with her family, which left a lasting impression of how the food is magnetic to...

February 19, 2019

Who is Taryn Lyford?

So who knows this babe behind @blackfoxnz @alfrescobites and @bloomcltvnzif you don’t, it’s Taz!Taryn Lyford (Taz) knows a thing or two about business, as over the 10years in her trade she’s helped establish around 8,000 brands with their own unique branding into their marketplace, and she’s not even 30. She’s made events for around 28,000 people in her local Cambridge community to call home and she’s not stopping yet! She’s a recent finalist for Services to Wai...

August 14, 2018

Welcome to our New Recruit

Shennaye Cox has joined us for 120 hours as part of the Wintec Internship programme. We are looking forward to showcasing all the processes in a design brief, right through to the output of the print and manufacture of the display. What we could see straight away is that she enables out of the box thinking, which is highlighted through her portfolio. Shennaye is in her third and final year of Bachelor of Media Arts, majoring in Graphic Design, and is excited by the opportunity. I hope to highlig...

May 25, 2018


The 25 Principles of Success by Jack Canfield I recently visited the library whilst talking to one of my girlfriends over the phone - I know naughty right! I went in to get a book specifically about daily affirmations, yet somehow ended up quietly chatting with her so much I wasn't really concentrating on where I was going. I ended up in the entrepreneurial isle, and just casually pulling books out to awkwardly avoid someone from telling me "you aren't browsing books - get out". It was also arou...

February 28, 2018

New Cub: Gemma Parsons

Welcome to our newest watermelon enthusiast and member to the team Gemma Parsons! She comes with a wealth of knowledge, with plant based nutrition, what works well events and is all over having a holistic approach to life! She also has two young babes just like me and we went to SPACE together in Morrinsville.  She will be jumping in on a casual basis every Thursday, and the friendly face at almost every event as our event assistant! We are aiming to make this position permanent and increas...

February 23, 2018

March 2018 Newsletter

It's been a crazy, fast-paced few months, and I am already wondering where the first two months of 2018 has gone! If you follow me on snapchat or instagram you will have been watching my stories, you will know all about the adventures I've had, and there are some definite highlights that I am happy to share.  I've had a fair bit of feedback from these my newsletters (subscribe here), and my videos to say that you love them - that they inspire you, which is AWESOME. Yet I know that...

February 23, 2018

Are you considering a rebrand?

Too often procrastination can prevent you from starting your project, what if I get it wrong, what if I don't have the best tools for the job? What if I fail, what if no-one likes my ideas, my business or me? I too have have considered these thoughts, and it can be overwhelming, so much so that you back yourself out of starting. My design work is incredibly useful, beautiful and functional for brands big and small, but what I often wonder is, will it be accepted? That hasn't held me back in star...

December 5, 2017

Bloom Collective - Twilight Christmas Market 2017

If you have been to our Twilight Christmas Market, you will know what it is all about, with artisan makers stalls, delicious street food vendors, and all kinds of Christmas Magic! We have our 3rd one coming up on Saturday 25th of November, from 4-8pm at Leamington Domain. If you are a stall holder you can formally APPLY HERE OR if you want to browse and purchase some items ahead of the Christmas Rush, then please join us! Alternatively, we are seeking a bit of assistance this year; - D...

October 24, 2017

Our Events 2017 Summer Season

Alfresco Bites, Cambridge’s own artisan food truck market offers delicious street “Food For Every Mood” will be returning for it’s 3rd season, for Friday evenings starting on the 1st of December. The first of it’s kind to the Waikato, in 2015, and unique to Cambridge, the event promises to add variety to your everyday after work dinner.What are our 2017 Season dates? Wednesday 6th of December (Special Event, with limited spaces for vendors)Friday 8th DecemberFriday 15th DecemberFriday ...

September 13, 2017

Build a Website in a Day

Can you not quite afford to get a website professionally designed for you, but know that you NEED one, especially promptly, because no-one will find your business and generate leads if you don't have an online presence? You know that your business is successful, or has the potential to be, and even if you have had getting a website on the agenda, you just don't have the time to do it, and the budget to spend up large.  If you already have an artisan business, with a plan, even if it is in y...

September 13, 2017


Am I mad, well yes, I knew that anyway. No-one wakes up one day and says hell, lets launch a business without thinking it through first! Well I did, and let me tell you it wasn't easy, but was it a lot of fun, heck yes! Not only did I recall so many nay-sayers saying give up, you aint going to win at this, to totally actually throwing it in their face, "look who is the most demanded market?".... but "look what I have achieved for the community. Which is why this new initiative is a great idea! I...

July 21, 2017

Babies and business don't mix

Firstly, can I say, that is totally a setup! And secondly, yes you read that right. Why are babies good for business? Why are they bad for business? That is a matter of opinion, but mine is; you can have the best of both worlds if you allow it. After all, if you are about to or have started a business to fit around your family, then don't let anyone, and I mean ANYONE fool you into thinking it's a bad idea. In fact, there are more and more mumtrepreneurs popping up all over the planet, rocking ...

June 1, 2017

A business is a personal growth strategy

If I have learnt anything about business; is that it isn't for the faint hearted, but more the strong willed, and determined souls that proudly can say "I CAN DO THIS" regardless of the contradictions from others. You have to become wildly passionate about your business in order for it to succeed. When I started Black Fox Creative in 2015, I was forced to think differently, and to really consider my options. I had just had a baby, and really didn't want to go back to work full time, nor did ...

May 31, 2017


Without an authentic brand at the foundation of your advertising and promotional activity, you'll just blend into your already exaggerated industry....

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